It all began with a dream to live differently

The story of us and our glamping adventures began a long time before we embarked on our eco-cabin.

14,000 miles and 2 American school buses earlier…

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Ruth and Guy Skoolie Stays

Chapter 1: Living life differently

In 2019 we decided we wanted to shake up our suburban lives. Already keen campervanners, we packed up the house, took the kids out of school and flew out to the States to travel across the country in a converted American school bus – a Skoolie to those in the know.



We had an incredible year and loved living off-grid. It was a simpler way of existing that brought us all closer to nature, closer to each other and made us much happier as a result. It gave us a new perspective on life and we decided that when we returned, we would not only take this outlook with us, we’d also bring back a yellow school bus so that we could translate our experiences into a new beginning in the UK.

Chapter 2: Sharing what we learnt

We purchased a second hand bus in Florida and shipped it to the UK in February 2021. It took us 4 months to convert, a job we poured our hearts, souls and all of that American experience into. 


We launched Skoolie Stays, our glamping business, in June 2021. The whole of the UK was glamping mad because of the Covid pandemic, but even when it ended and overseas holidays opened up, the bus continued to fill up. 


What sets us apart from others is our passion for the benefits of outdoor life; our dedication to sustainable, quirky design; the balance of comfort, luxury and off-grid living we provide and our choice of eco- materials.  Guests tell us they are inspired by our journey and restored by their own off-grid adventures.  


Chapter 3: Inspiring others

We decided to launch our second project in 2023 – a modern take on an caravan / trailer.


Why not another bus? Because this time we wanted to focus on the carbon-impact of holidaying. We know we do luxury eco-glamping well and so we want to draw attention to ways in which staycations can be a better alternative to an overseas holiday. Building our cabin from UK materials and ensuring it operates as efficiently as possible was an exciting challenge for us and we think you’ll agree – the results are spectacular.


More about our Our journey

Skoolie and kids with the cactuses

Over 12 months we travelled 14,000 miles across 20 different states - all in a converted American school bus.

Stay in a yellow school bus near london

It took us 4 months to convert our second American bus into the Skoolie Stays glamping bus.​

Superior sussex log cabin glamping


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