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Wine Tasting Breaks

East Sussex is home to world-renowned wines produced by award-winning vineyards and estates. Lucky for us, many are right on our doorstep. Check out which are our favourites and how you can book a tour and tasting as part of your stay.

pencil epoxy kitchen countertop

Rethinking waste: Pencils

 It takes 82,000 trees to support the global demand for pencils. We can cut down on purchasing but what about all the pencils we have sitting around at home?
Pencils often can’t be recycled, so we got creative and turned them into a kitchen countertop.

Rethinking Waste: Books

 What happens when charity shops don’t want your old books, buyback schemes don’t want them and they can’t be recycled? 
We tried to rethink how we use books, keeping true to the idea of inspiration with a secret bookcase door.

Rethinking Waste: Fabric

What do you do with your old, unwanted jeans? Fabric contributes an estimated 10% to humanity’s carbon emissions. We need to rethink how we recycle.
We re-used the fabric from old jeans to create soft furnishings for the cabin. 
building with palletwood

sustainable glamping

The Vacationist gave us the perfect opportunity to build something that could illustrate how off-grid energy and minimal CO2 emissions could work hand in hand with style and comfort. 

So how did we go about it?

The eco score - how do we stack up?

Can we legitimately say we are carbon neutral? We look at how The Vacationist stacks up, investigating the operational and embodied carbon in our build and the space itself. 
Do we stack up?
glamping with kids


In 2019 we decided we wanted to shake up our suburban lives. Already keen campervanners, we took a gamble and bought ourselves an American school-bus. We found a builder in Salt Lake City…

climbing trees

are holidays bad for the planet?

Last minute holidays make us feel great, but if tourism is  bad for the planet, should we be cancelling our holidays this year?
Perhaps we just need to rethink how we holiday…


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